Empowerment Strategist and Life Coach Bonnie Wirth to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Empowerment Strategist and Life Coach Bonnie Wirth to be Featured on Close Up Radio

LLOYDMINSTER, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA, May 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Most people rarely go through life without experiencing some type of trauma. Those deeply distressing and disturbing events, left untreated, can negatively impact every part of our personal and professional lives. Although trauma processing is different for each person, it can lead to such extreme depression, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness that we desperately need self-acceptance and healing. That is why we can absolutely benefit from working with a highly qualified professional that will help us grow beyond our wounds and become genuinely transformed, joyful human beings.

Bonnie is a highly regarded Empowerment Strategist and Life Coach, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Medium, Spiritual Empath, and healer.

“My work is primarily centered on helping and supporting women to process and overcome trauma,” says Bonnie. “Through our work together, you can move past the deep impact and limitation of your wounding and reclaim the connection to who you really are. Doing so increases self-confidence as you begin to understand yourself better, trust in the purpose of your life and empowered to keep moving forward.”

Bonnie specializes in facilitating healing so you can live consciously with truth and joy in a way that makes your heart soar. Her holistic evidenced based practice and strategic tools, rooted in a whole-body mind approach, addresses mental, physical, and spiritual health. Her compassionate tried and true methods are always from a spiritual perspective that honors the whole person. Reminding us that we are innately, unambiguously, and perfectly imperfect.

Bonnie’s childhood was filled with traumatic experiences, from incest, molestation and rape to a home life filled with violence and unrest – an alcoholic father and emotionally unavailable mother – A tumultuous past of abuse, abandonment, co-dependency and loss which left her feeling broken, suicidal, with no self-worth, feeling numb, disconnected and hopeless. She struggled silently for many years to get past her pain on her own. When her nightmares increased, depression set in, she starting having panic attacks and her anxiety became debilitating. She tried traditional therapy although it did not really help her heal. It was when she followed a spiritual path it transcended with self-awareness and self-love. Through alternative healing modalities and mind-body-spirit practices, Bonnie started her healing journey and began living with more balance, peace, grace and her compassion for the human condition grew. Her experiences moved her to discover her purpose and calling to help other women do the same. Today she is thriving, grateful for her marriage and three children feeling blessed to help hundreds of women also find long lasting healing.

“Every difficult event can deeply wound and compound our past trauma triggering it in such a way that it interferes with the quality of our life and our ability to navigate stressful challenges healthfully. I help you let go of the shadows of the past, find inner calm and clarity, shift your mindset and overcome limitation. I offer tools to empower you so you longer feel debilitated and help you discover a healthy relationship with your self so that you can cope even in today’s stressful and challenging times.”

Bonnie says everyone journey through trauma is different. We all have varying degrees of reaction depending on what we experienced – extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, struggling with upsetting emotions and memories, feeling isolated and alone all of which makes it difficult to cope when triggered in even the smallest way. Her work is tailored to your specific needs.

Bonnie’s passion is also contributing to love, peace, equality in a world that’s so in need of connection and understanding.

She emphasizes how we can live a dark and difficult life or we can choose to heal. Through her wonderful tools of self compassion and self-forgiveness you can find peace and acceptance, live better, embrace joy and fulfill your dreams.

“Every single one of us is worthy of being loved and accepted for who we are. I am enough, you are enough, we are enough. We are all unique expressions of the same God made to create happy, meaningful, impactful lives for the betterment of humanity.”

In her two part radio interviews with Jim and Doug, Bonnie will discuss her wonderful approach to help traumatized individuals, discuss how to process and integrate trauma, and how to practice self-care. You will feel inspired, encouraged, and absolutely empowered.

Close Up Radio will feature Bonnie Wirth in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday May 24th at 1pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on Tuesday July 12th at 1 p.m. EST

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