Dustin Ha’s Photography Exhibition ‘Remember Why You Are Here’ Opens Feb 10 at Helen J Gallery in Los Angeles

Dustin Ha’s Photography Exhibition ‘Remember Why You Are Here’ Opens Feb 10 at Helen J Gallery in Los Angeles

Hope Floats © Dustin Ha

ESC © Dustin Ha

ESC © Dustin Ha

The First Daughter © Dustin Ha

The First Daughter © Dustin Ha

Mon Dieu Projects Presents Debut Exhibition: “REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE HERE”
Unveiling Dustin Ha’s Bold Photography Collection at Helen J Gallery

My best photographs are mistakes. Perfect is boring to me.”

— Dustin Ha

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mon Dieu Projects is delighted to announce the debut photography exhibition of esteemed artist Dustin Ha: “REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE HERE.” This captivating collection of 26 large format photographs will be unveiled on Saturday, February 10th, at the prestigious Helen J Gallery, situated at 929 Cole Ave in Los Angeles. The reception will commence at 5 pm and conclude at 9 pm.

In this thought-provoking collection, Dustin Ha pushes the boundaries of conventional norms by intricately folding, framing, and installing each piece at unique angles. The result is a presentation that transcends predictability, embracing a nonfungible rarity that offers attendees an unparalleled artistic experience, elevating the boundaries of fine art photography.

“REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE HERE” transcends the realm of mere commercially driven prints, typically suited for hotel lobbies or luxurious homes. Ha invites viewers to delve beneath the surface, encouraging them to discover themselves in an exquisitely imperfect world. These works fearlessly explore the complexities of contradiction and darkness that often coexist beneath the veneer of beauty and light.

Each fold within the photographs serves as a poignant metaphor for life’s intricate tapestry, showcasing both its highs and lows. Reflecting the disorderly nature of life itself, these folds mirror the unpredictability of each viewer’s personal journey. For Ha, these folds symbolize moments of profound panic, yet within the interplay of light and shadows lies a celebration of resilience, finding beauty in imperfection. Every viewer is encouraged to contemplate the profound parallels between the creases in the photographs and the nuanced fabric of their own lives.

Dustin Ha, a Los Angeles-born Korean-American raised in El Salvador, embodies three fragmented identities, perpetually feeling like an outsider. However, it is through his lens that he discovers purpose, transcending the Sisyphean anxiety that has plagued him. Ha confronts his inner demons through a meticulous photography practice that celebrates the uniqueness within us all, utilizing juxtaposition and unconventional formats to narrate a compelling story.

We cordially invite you to join us for this exclusive one-day event, as “REMEMBER WHY YOU’RE HERE” unfolds at the Helen J Gallery on February 10th from 5 pm to 9 pm. Experience a visual odyssey that challenges perspectives, transcends the ordinary, and invites you to rediscover the essence of your being.

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