Dogs to Sleep Better Than Humans in Luxury Pet Beds From The Hooman Life.

Dogs to Sleep Better Than Humans in Luxury Pet Beds From The Hooman Life.

The Luxor pet bed in dusky pink is better than most human beds

Hooman's LUXOR pet bed in Riviera Blue, pictured complete with luxury cotton sheets and velvet headboard

The Luxor Pet Bed in Riviera Blue: The Cleanest, Comfiest, and Most Stylish Pet Bed on the Planet

Soho dog bed in Urban Grey, pictured with a Pomeranian dog wearing a dressing gown

The Soho Bed by Hooman, with its urban grey modern look, is designed so pets can sleep as good as humans.

Revolutionary Pet Beds from The Hooman Life Set New Standards in Pet Comfort, Hygiene and Luxury

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2023 / — Luxury pet startup Hooman unveils the world’s first pet bed designed to emulate the human sleep experience. In an era where pet owners increasingly treat their furry companions as human family members, seeking products that enhance their lives and comfort, Hooman’s innovative beds meet this demand by offering a sleep experience for dogs and cats that rivals the comfort, hygiene, and luxury of most human beds.

Chris Benyayer, the founder of Hooman, emphasized the unique features of their pet beds, stating, “Most pet beds on the market don’t effectively tackle issues like germs and aesthetics. Our beds are designed to mirror human beds not only in appearance but also in providing a cleaner, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing sleep environment. This aligns with the modern pet owner’s aspiration to give only the best to their pets.

The beds are uniquely crafted to resemble human beds, featuring a multi-layer memory foam mattress that is contoured to provide optimal support and comfort for pets. A significant innovation is the inclusion of 400TC (thread-count) Egyptian cotton sheets, a first in the pet market, prized for their softness and breathability while tackling hygiene concerns with bedding that is easily removable, washable, and replaceable, ensuring a clean and healthy resting space for pets.

Athena Olsen, co-founder of Hooman, emphasized the company’s commitment to animal welfare. “With every bed purchase, we donate a specially designed mattress to rescue charities, providing comfort to pets in need,” she stated. This philanthropic endeavor begins with distributing the first batch of donated mattresses among partner charities, including the Lisa Vanderpump dog foundation in California.

Priced starting at $375, these beds represent a significant investment in a pet’s well-being, mirroring the growing trend of pet owners who view their pets as integral family members and are willing to invest in their health and happiness. Olsen added, “Our pricing reflects our belief in offering only the best for pets, akin to how discerning owners would choose products for themselves.”

The demand for pet products that blend functionality with luxury is on the rise, and Hooman’s new collection is strategically positioned to fulfill this niche. Now available in the USA, UK, and EU in four elegant colors, the range includes a variety of accessories such as silk bedding and mattress protectors, catering to the discerning tastes of modern pet owners. The entire collection can be explored at

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About The Hooman Life: Hooman is a startup in the luxury pet market, dedicated to creating beds that elevate pet sleep to human standards. Their commitment to quality and a strong focus on philanthropy place them at the vanguard of the luxury pet sleep industry.

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