Crascita Blockchain Invests €7M in for Private Label Sourcing

Crascita Blockchain Invests €7M in for Private Label Sourcing & Crascita Partner: €7M Fuels Blockchain-Powered Private Label Solutions

SUTTON, LONDON, ENGLAND, February 19, 2024 / — Crascita Blockchain Technology Limited, a trailblazing force in blockchain innovation headquartered in the United Kingdom, proudly announces a substantial €7 million investment in This strategic move solidifies Crascita’s foray into the private label sector while revolutionizing the landscape of product manufacturing through blockchain integration.

The infusion of €7 million into represents more than just a financial backing; it signifies a visionary collaboration aimed at reshaping how businesses connect with private label, white label, and contract manufacturers. serves as a pivotal link, seamlessly bridging businesses seeking manufacturing solutions with Crascita’s cutting-edge blockchain technology prowess.

Through this synergy, the sourcing process undergoes a remarkable transformation, characterized by simplicity, transparency, and security. Businesses tapping into’s intuitive platform effortlessly access a network of accredited manufacturers, fostering streamlined operations and accelerated growth trajectories. Additionally, the integration of blockchain technology ensures heightened transparency, offering stakeholders real-time visibility into the manufacturing journey and safeguarding product quality through immutable traceability.

Furthermore, the alliance between Crascita and unlocks a new era of inventory management efficiency. Leveraging blockchain-powered tools, businesses gain unprecedented control over inventory levels, driving cost reductions and operational optimization.

Crascita’s commitment transcends mere investment; it extends to the strategic utilization of its native token, Hailix10, within the burgeoning sourcing ecosystem. This integration not only incentivizes active participation but also cultivates a vibrant community centered around Crascita’s innovative blockchain solutions.

Speaking on behalf of Crascita Blockchain Technology, Co-founders Ace Smith, Sarah Powell, and Jeremy Ristin express profound enthusiasm for the partnership with They affirm that this investment underscores their dedication to empowering businesses worldwide with the transformative potential of blockchain technology, fostering a seamless, secure, and efficient sourcing experience.

Crascita Blockchain Technology Limited stands as a beacon of innovation in the blockchain realm, driven by a seasoned team committed to revolutionizing diverse industries through groundbreaking blockchain solutions. For more information, visit

About emerges as a trailblazing platform facilitating connections between businesses and private label, white label, and contract manufacturers. With a mission to streamline sourcing processes, enhance transparency, and fortify security through blockchain integration, represents a pivotal force in reshaping the manufacturing landscape. Explore the platform’s capabilities at

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Crascita Blockchain Invests €7M in for Private Label Sourcing

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