Commitment to Zero Carbon Footprint

Commitment to Zero Carbon Footprint

APEX, NC, US, April 17, 2024 / — OM Botanical, a leading provider of sustainable organic skincare products, reaffirms its dedication to environmental responsibility this Earth Day and beyond.

With a holistic approach to sustainability, OM Botanical is proud to announce its commitment to achieving a zero-carbon footprint, as well as launching several initiatives to further reduce its environmental impact.

From its inception, sustainability has remained the core part of OM Botanical’s mission. Making the safest and most effective skin and beauty products using plant-based ingredients instead of ones derived from petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients is a good start.

Adopting triple bottom line in all their decision-making puts equal emphasis on social sustainability and environmental sustainability along with economic sustainability.

Planet-first Mindset

In order to continuously enhance their sustainability practices, it has become a part of their culture to think with a planet-first mindset every day. From sourcing sustainably grown organic ingredients to formulating, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and more.

Ongoing Sustainability Initiatives

OM Botanical understands that true sustainability requires continuous effort and innovation. As such, the company has implemented a range of initiatives to minimize its environmental footprint across all aspects of its operations:

• Carbon Neutrality: OM Botanical is actively working towards achieving carbon neutrality by investing in renewable energy sources and offsetting its carbon emissions through verified carbon offset projects.

• Water Conservation: The company has implemented water-saving measures in its production processes, minimizing water usage and wastewater generation.

• Ingredient Sourcing: OM Botanical prioritizes the use of organic and ethically sourced ingredients, supporting sustainable farming practices and minimizing environmental impact.

• Minimalist Formulations: OM Botanical’s product formulations are designed to be as minimalist as possible, reducing the use of unnecessary chemicals and ensuring biodegradability.

• Mixing in Small batch When it comes to mixing their plant-based formulas they only make exactly what’s needed, when it’s needed. This eliminates excess or expired inventory that can end up polluting landfills. This practice also ensures that their products are as fresh and potent as possible when they arrive at customer’s doorsteps.

• In-house Manufacturing: OM Botanical mixes, packages, labels, codes, ships, all from their own lab in Apex, NC. They don’t use any sub-contractors, or co-packers so they don’t have to ship products around to multiple facilities. Thus further reducing their carbon footprint,

• Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Embracing Carbon Neutral Sugarcane Packaging

In line with its eco-conscious values, OM Botanical has transitioned to using sustainable sugarcane packaging for its product lines. Sugarcane packaging is a renewable resource that minimizes reliance on petroleum-based plastics, which often end up polluting our oceans and landfills. By embracing sugarcane packaging, OM Botanical demonstrates its commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly alternatives. The company’s dedication to sustainable packaging extends beyond Earth Day, forming a cornerstone of its ongoing efforts to protect the planet for future generations.

Planting Trees for a Greener Future

In partnership with Trees for the Future, OM Botanical plants one tree for every product they sell. To commemorate Earth Day and amplify its commitment to environmental stewardship, OM Botanical is launching a special initiative throughout the month of April. For every product sold during this period, OM Botanical will plant two trees in collaboration with reforestation organizations.

This initiative not only helps offset carbon emissions but also contributes to reforestation efforts worldwide, restoring vital ecosystems and supporting biodiversity. By empowering customers to make a positive impact with their purchases, OM Botanical reinforces the importance of collective action in preserving our planet.

Join OM Botanical in Celebrating Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, OM Botanical invites consumers to join in its mission to protect the planet and promote sustainability. By choosing OM Botanical’s organic skincare products, consumers can support a company that prioritizes environmental responsibility at every step of the production process.

“Together, we can make a difference for the Earth and future generations,” says Sudhir Shah, CEO of OM Botanical. Join OM Botanical in celebrating Earth Day and commit to a greener, more sustainable future.

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About OM Botanical:

OM Botanical is a leading provider of sustainable organic skincare products, committed to promoting environmental responsibility and holistic wellness. With a focus on natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, OM Botanical offers a range of skincare solutions that nourish the skin while minimizing environmental impact. Some of their most popular products include Magnesium body lotion, sulfate-free organic shampoo, organic moisturizer with natural SPF, and more.

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Commitment to Zero Carbon Footprint

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