Brome Bird News S6:E09 – Report on Avian Flu, Why Jays Mimic Hawks, Marigolds, Hairy Woodpeckers

Dr. Bird prepared a report on the Avian Flu and how it might affect your regular bird feeding activities. Please keep your feeders clean and if you see any strange behavior or sick birds, take your feeders/bird baths down immediately. Dr. Bird is also answering a question about how and why Jays mimic hawks and other raptors. For EnviroMinutes in the upcoming episodes, we’ll be focusing on plants that help control pests so you don’t have to introduce harmful chemicals into your garden. This episode is the incredible marigold! And finally, H is for Hairy Woodpecker. Because they are so similar to Downy Woodpeckers we’ve included information on how to tell the two apart.

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