British man ‘cured’ of HIV – News Review

British man ‘cured’ of HIV – News Review

The story:
A man in Britain has become the second person to be cleared of HIV after receiving a stem cell transplant.
Doctors said he received bone marrow stem cells almost three years ago from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that resists HIV infection.

Key words and phrases:
situation of widespread disease
– The ease and frequency of air travel can quickly turn a local disease into an epidemic.
– The head of police has reported that the city is suffering from a crime epidemic.

permanent genetic change
– The majority of cancers result from a mutation of the body’s cells.
– The book went through three mutations after I received feedback from my editor.

encourages or causes
– The large drop in the company’s share price was spurred by a profit warning.
– The fear of failing his exams spurred Dan into action and he started studying harder!

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