Breaking Barriers: How This Mumbai Hair Styling Course is Changing the Industry

Breaking Barriers: How This Mumbai Hair Styling Course is Changing the Industry

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Dolly Green Academy covers a wide variety of topics, including the basics of hair styling, different types of hair, tools and techniques used in the industry.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 12, 2023/ — While hairstylists usually make their job appear simple as they smoothly run the scissors through the hair, completely changing the way individuals look, a lot goes on behind the scenes. There are some job opportunities that are as demanding yet fulfilling as that of a hairstylist. From technical training and keeping up with fast-changing trends to understanding different hair types and textures, a client’s lifestyle, and even how a client feels about themselves, there’s a lot a hairstylist does! And so much that can be done with hair, so many different fields of expertise. It’s no surprise that the demand for trained professional hairstylists has skyrocketed in the last decade.

Creativity is essential in this field. It is a valuable asset that should be used to respond to client requests and solve problems. One’s creative abilities can also help one keep the work relevant and thrive in this field. It’s all about listening to what the customer wants and then putting one’s creative spin on it to create a final look she’ll love and recommend to others. In this field, creativity and passion go hand in hand.

The best hair academy in India covers a wide variety of topics, including the basics of hair styling, different types of hair, and tools and techniques used in the industry. The courses also cover more advanced topics such as hair extensions, braiding, up-dos, and editorial styling. Individuals can learn how to create different hairstyles suitable for different occasions by taking a hair styling course.

In addition to technical skills, a hair styling course can provide individuals with essential soft skills. These skills include communication, time management, and teamwork. Hair stylists must be able to communicate effectively with their clients and work well with other beauty team members. A hair styling course teaches individuals how to manage their time effectively and work in a team environment.

A professional hair styling course in Mumbai is also an excellent way to build a network within the beauty industry. Instructors of these courses are often experienced hair stylists who have worked in the industry for years. They have a vast network of contacts and can help individuals find job opportunities within the industry. Additionally, hair styling courses often provide students with the opportunity to work with industry professionals and build relationships that can lead to job opportunities.

In the beauty industry, reputation is everything. Clients are more likely to trust a makeup artist or hair stylist with a reputable certification. Individuals can gain a certification recognized in the beauty industry by taking a hair styling course. This can help them build their reputation and establish themselves as a skilled and qualified professional.

A hair styling course can also lead to a successful career in the beauty industry. Hair stylists can work in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, and freelance work. They can also work on sets of TV

shows, movies, and photo shoots. The makeup industry is a multi-billion-rupee industry, and there is always a demand for skilled hair stylists.

Become a Professional Hairdresser with the Best Hair Styling Academy in India

With the increasing demand for talented and skilled professionals in the beauty industry, a new hair styling course has been launched in Mumbai to help aspiring hairdressers learn the latest techniques and trends. The course, offered by Dolly Green Academy, is designed to teach students everything from retro to fashion styling techniques.

According to the institute, the course is ideal for both beginners and experienced hairdressers looking to keep up with the latest trends and improve their skills in the hairdressing industry. The hair styling course is divided into several modules, covering a range of topics, including the history of hair styling, hair texture and types, hair styling, business management skills, and much more. Students will learn the latest techniques and trends in hairdressing, including the use of hair extensions and wigs, and will also receive hands-on training with industry-standard equipment and tools.

About Dolly Green Academy

Virginia founded Dolly Green in January 2021. With 23 years in the make-up industry and having co-founded the fat mu agency in 2006 and the celebrated fat mu Academy in 2010, Dolly Green seemed the natural step for her next creative adventure.

Speaking about the course, the institute’s spokesperson said, “The hair styling course is created to offer students the skills and knowledge required to flourish in the hairdressing industry. The academy has an experienced team of instructors dedicated to helping the students learn and grow. The course is open to individuals interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, including recent high school graduates, college students, and working professionals looking to switch careers.

The spokesperson of the best hair styling academy in Mumbai added, “The academy welcomes anyone who is passionate about hairdressing and looking to develop their skills and knowledge. The course is designed to be accessible and flexible, with both full-time and part-time options available. “The hair styling course has already received positive reviews from students who have completed the program. One trainee who had always been interested in hairdressing didn’t know where to start. This course provided me with the perfect opportunity to learn everything needed to know, and the instructors were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable.

Overall, the new hair styling course in Mumbai is a promising opportunity for anyone looking to develop their skills and pursue a career in the beauty industry. With hands-on training and experienced instructors, students can be confident that they are receiving the best education possible and will be well-equipped to succeed in the dynamic and growing field of hairdressing.

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