Benedetta Marks 28 Years of Botanical Beauty with 30% OFF Sitewide

Benedetta Marks 28 Years of Botanical Beauty with 30% OFF Sitewide

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2024 / — In commemoration of its 28th anniversary this month, Benedetta, the groundbreaking botanical skincare brand founded by Julia Faller in 1996, is delighted to offer 30% OFF sitewide on all their preparations on February 29th.

At the core of Benedetta’s identity lies a commitment to authenticity and purpose. Going beyond the conventional notions of skincare, the brand’s philosophy revolves around the harmonious integration of botanicals to create formulations that serve a deeper purpose – purifying, correcting, protecting, and nourishing the skin. Steering clear of pharmaceuticals and artificial ingredients, Benedetta remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting truly healthy and balanced skin.

Central to Benedetta’s offerings are the carefully curated 5-Step Day and 3-Step Night Facial Regimens, tailored to cater to diverse skin needs. These regimens accentuate the use of certified organic and biodynamic ingredients, establishing Benedetta as a frontrunner in the realm of botanical skincare. The brand maintains close ties with family-owned farms, both domestically and internationally, ensuring the sourcing of the finest quality botanicals.

Founder and Formulator Julia Faller, the visionary driving force behind Benedetta, has set a revolutionary tone in the skincare industry. Her approach involves an intuitive selection of botanicals with complementary chemical constituents that seamlessly integrate with the skin’s cellular framework. Faller’s unwavering commitment to organic and biodynamic practices has become the hallmark of Benedetta’s formulations, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with botanical ingredients.

As a grand culmination of this month-long celebration, Benedetta invites skincare enthusiasts to visit on February 29th ONLY, where they can partake in the Birthday Sale, enjoying an exclusive 30% discount sitewide on Benedetta’s entire collection of skincare preparations. It’s an opportunity to experience the efficacy of Benedetta’s formulations at an unprecedented value. Please note that the promotion is limited to one item per SKU, underscoring Benedetta’s commitment to delivering a personalized and exceptional skincare experience.

Join Benedetta in celebrating 28 years of botanical beauty, where each formulation is a testament to the brand’s enduring dedication to authenticity, purpose, and the timeless power of nature.

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Benedetta Marks 28 Years of Botanical Beauty with 30% OFF Sitewide

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