Beautinow Reveals 2024 Summer’s Trending Citrus Fragrance Notes

Beautinow Reveals 2024 Summer’s Trending Citrus Fragrance Notes

Niche perfume retailer Beautinow is unveiling the types of citrus fragrances that are set to dominate summer 2024.

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, July 3, 2024 / — The anticipation of summer 2024 brings not just the promise of sunny days but also the excitement of refreshing scents. Niche perfume retailer Beautinow is unveiling the types of citrus fragrances that it expects to trend during summer 2024.

Why Seasonal Fragrances Matter
Choosing the right fragrance for the season is essential for several reasons. Just like one’s wardrobe shifts with the seasons, so should the fragrance collection. The right perfume can act as an accessory to complete one’s look. “Scents have a powerful impact on our emotions; a fresh, citrusy fragrance can invigorate and keep spirits high during the hot summer months. Additionally, certain scents are often tied to memories, and an unique summer fragrance can help encapsulate the essence of the season, making those moments unforgettable,” says Beautinow. That’s why the perfume retailer has launched its 2024 summer fragrance page to help scent lovers find their next seasonal signature perfume.

1. Aromatic Citrus
Aromatic citrus fragrances are suited for the confident and outgoing individual who loves to make a statement. The best outfit to pair with this kind of fragrance is casual chic, such as white linen shirts and tailored shorts. Those fragrances are a often worn during beach vacations or tropical holidays. One example is Roja Dove’s Elysium Pour Homme Parfum Cologne, as it blends the zestiness of citrus with aromatic notes, offering a refreshing and sophisticated scent profile.

2. Green Citrus
Green citrus perfumes the suited for nature lovers and those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking trips or countryside escapes. They pair well with a sporty and relaxed outfit. For example, Xerjoff’s Nio perfume combines the vibrancy of citrus with the earthiness of green notes.

3. White Floral Citrus
White floral citrus fragrances can be a good choice for the romantic and elegant individual who appreciates subtle sophistication. Those fragrances truly match summer dresses or elegant evening wear, making it suitable for garden parties or summer weddings. For example, Monotheme Venezia‘s Boccioli di Limone blends the lightness of citrus with the elegance of white floral notes.

4. Herbal Citrus
Herbal citrus fragrances pair well with a bohemian style outfit, featuring relaxed fits and natural fabrics, often chosen by individuals who attend music festivals or casual brunches. Frapin’s L’Humaniste is a good example of a fragrance that balances citrus freshness with herbal complexity.

5. Woody Citrus
Woody herbal scents are often chosen by modern and sophisticated individuals who enjoy a touch of luxury. They often worn with smart casual outfits during evenings out or upscale events. They’re also a popular choice for during city breaks or evening gatherings. Nishane Hacivat, is an example of such a woody citrus fragrance, blending bright citrus notes with deep, woody accords to create a scent that’s both fresh and enduring.

The above citrus fragrance types offer a great starting point to allow anyone to be ahead of scent trends and smell effortlessly unique.

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Beautinow Reveals 2024 Summer’s Trending Citrus Fragrance Notes

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