Autumn Dahlia: Spearheading the Revolution in Socially Conscious Branding & Design

Autumn Dahlia: Spearheading the Revolution in Socially Conscious Branding & Design

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Founder, Sarah Goodell

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Reach Untold Heights Through Sustainable Branding, Unforgettable Aesthetics, and Genuine Environmental Impact

MICHIGAN, USA, June 7, 2023/ — Michigan-based Studio Shapes Industry Future with Sustainable Branding

Autumn Dahlia Creative Services, a Michigan-based, green-certified, socially conscious graphic design studio is changing the game in the world of branding. Celebrated for helping businesses discover their unique voice, amplify their influence, and build enduring relationships, Autumn Dahlia has become a magnet for forward-thinking entrepreneurs seeking to cultivate a green and socially impactful presence.

Directed by the unflinchingly audacious Sarah Goodell, a differently-abled woman defined not by her limb difference but her creativity, Autumn Dahlia is far more than just a branding studio. It’s a champion of sustainable branding, steering eco-friendly businesses to unexplored frontiers of success.

Sarah Goodell, the green-certified design virtuoso and brand strategist at the helm of Autumn Dahlia, is committed to weaving legacies that strike a chord with socially responsible entrepreneurs. She recognizes the need for companies to distinguish themselves – not merely for garnering attention, but to incite significant worldwide change. That’s why the company decided to start offering the EcoCheck GreenPrint, a sustainability assessment to help brands become more socially conscious without breaking the bank! The assessment gives brands easy to implement, actionable strategies that when combined, are small steps that will make a big impact!

At Autumn Dahlia, it’s not just about standing out; it’s about making an impact. The Studio’s innovative approach is painted in verdant hues of sustainability, with every facet of work echoing Sarah’s eco-conscious ethos. Powered by the unique Brand Compass and revolutionary Eco-Check Greenprint Assessment, Autumn Dahlia exists to spark an extraordinary journey for purpose-driven brands conjuring an impactful visual identity that reverberates and resonates.

However, Autumn Dahlia isn’t just vocal about the green movement; it’s a proactive player. Whether planting seeds for a greener future or bravely confronting plastic pollution, Autumn Dahlia takes the lead in overcoming some of Earth’s greatest environmental hurdles. On World Environment Day alone, the studio eliminated an extra 50,000 drinking straws worth of plastic from landfills, planted an additional 45 trees, and reduced an extra 2.92 tonnes of carbon. Autumn Dahlia doesn’t just talk the talk—it walks the walk.

Choosing Autumn Dahlia means more than aligning with a relevant cause; it’s standing up for our planet, contributing to a greener, socially conscious world. Autumn Dahlia isn’t merely a company; it’s a movement, a beacon of resistance against the ordinary. Autumn Dahlia seeks to be a blend of
ethical responsibility, innovation, and sustainable design — they are eager to help brands leave an indelible mark on the world.

Connect with Autumn Dahlia Creative Services on social media and become part of the solution—a world where beauty and purpose coexist.

About Autumn Dahlia Creative Services:
Autumn Dahlia Creative Services, under the visionary leadership of Sarah Goodell, is an avant-garde force in the realm of sustainable branding and graphic design. Fueled by an intense passion for sustainability and a dedication to aesthetic perfection, Autumn Dahlia crafts memorable brand experiences for socially conscious entrepreneurs. Services include tailored brand strategies, comprehensive branding blueprints, the groundbreaking Eco-Check sustainability assessments, engaging social media content creation, and custom packaging design services.

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Autumn Dahlia Creative Services
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