Animal Lover Jennifer Tipton of SleekEZ to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Animal Lover Jennifer Tipton of SleekEZ to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BILLINGS, MONTANA, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2023 / — Jennifer Tipton is a model of tenacity both for her work as an entrepreneur and previous career as an equine (horse) dentist. For years she bonded with animals, observing their behaviors, and understanding some of their natural grooming tendencies. She noted what felt good and comfortable and also what tugged, itched, or prickled during grooming times. It led her to develop an innovative grooming tool that can make any type of curly, shaggy, wiry, or horribly long coat neater and sleeker. Because it performs so quickly and simply, she worked the word easy into its name – SleekEZ.

In 2018, Jennifer’s SleekEZ (, became one of the top selling products on Amazon. But the journey of this specially bladed and toothed comb was long and hard, including personal battles with early stakeholders, resistance from patent attorneys, and rip offs by certain marketers and distributors. Jennifer launched the fledgling company with her own money and has since become an expert at living simply (instead of with extensive debt.) She even bought her last home for all cash.

Jennifer’s creation eventually earned both utility and design patents and she has also extended her original line. SleekEZ works well for all animal coats including dog, cat, horse and rabbits. They can be used by anyone—owners pet lovers, or professional groomers (though the newest tools are pro only.) Anyone interested can find these products on sites like Amazon and (as well as her own company page.) One site reviewer called the tools “doggone perfect” and noted that SleekEZ helps to hedge allergies and other problems associated with shedding and dander.

Jennifer is a true animal lover and has always lived with a 4-legged family. For many years she was situated in Billings Montana. Most recently she has been living “off the grid” in a 40’ trailer with acres of land around her. She has 6 horses and 6 dogs with her, one of them just turned 14. Jennifer says the dogs are her eyes and ears in a remote area akin to the Wild West of US past. The animals also enjoy their property in the Northeast corner of Nevada which includes a creek that runs into a mysterious underground river. And that is just the tip of the phenomena around her.

“When I came here I knew this was a gift. A chance to focus on what is going on in these parts and protect the area. I’m not the only one who feels this way. And I have always been the kind of leader who stands up for what is right.”

Some days Jennifer enjoys being in such a remote area, taking gallery-worthy pictures of the sagebrush (she readily admits she has a creative side to her personality.) Other days she fears some governmental or terrorist plot is underway in these isolated areas. On her two radio shows, Jenifer will talk about gateways she’s come upon, visions she’s noticed, and even skin issues and spiderweb-like hairs she and her animals have experienced out there (seems like a rare disease but might be something even odder.) Jennifer will also talk about her popular products in greater depth.

“I’ve survived in a lot of ways. I’ve stayed with the same business for more than 7 years now. I didn’t expect it to last that long! And I’m developing new product line extensions. Sometimes I think I’m at my most productive when I’m not so focused on work.”

Hear more of Jennifer’s SleekEZ news and intriguing thoughts in her December shows. You’ll learn many novel things, both brilliant and nerve wracking.

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Animal Lover Jennifer Tipton of SleekEZ to be Featured on Close Up Radio

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