Ageless Elegance: Debut of Revolutionary Pageant Celebrating Women Over 30

DECATUR, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2024 / — The world of pageantry is about to witness a groundbreaking shift as a new and exciting pageant system designed exclusively for women aged 30 and over is set to make its debut. This innovative platform aims to celebrate the grace, elegance, and wisdom that come with age, offering a unique opportunity for women to showcase their beauty, talent, and intellect on a national stage.

The inaugural event for this revolutionary pageant system will take place in Atlanta, GA on Oct 5th. This highly anticipated occasion will bring together accomplished women from across the nation, all vying for the prestigious title of the national queen.

Empowering Women Unlike traditional pageants, this new system is committed to empowering women in their 30s and beyond, providing them with a platform to embrace their individuality and share their inspiring stories.

The pageant aims to redefine beauty standards and celebrate the confidence, experience, and inner beauty that come with age.

The pageant will focus on celebrating the multifaceted talents of the contestants, including but not limited to their professional achievements, community involvement, and personal growth. Through this event, the organizers aim to shine a spotlight on the invaluable experience and wisdom that these remarkable women have gained over the years.

In line with the ethos of diversity and inclusivity, this pageant system welcomes women from all walks of life, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or profession. It is a celebration of womanhood in its myriad forms and a testament to the fact that beauty and grace have no age limit.

Join THEM As the excitement builds for this pioneering event, women over 30 with a passion for empowerment, advocacy, and community engagement are encouraged to participate and witness this historic moment.

Brie Styles Mrs. USA Woman 2023-24 was born and raised in Southeastern Louisiana. Shortly after graduating from high school, Brie enlisted in the United States Navy. Where she honorably completed her enlistment.

Later she joined the United States Army, where she received marriage awards and a college degree.

Her military experience and southern upbringing have instilled in her a great love for helping others. Which brought her to pageantry. Brie has competed in three pageants which earned her three national titles. She used pageantry to give back and change the narrative on beauty and its standards, aside from being an international plus-size model performing artist, and actress she is also a wife and mother to three amazing young men. Educated proud and gifted

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Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a transformative experience that celebrates the elegance, intelligence, and empowerment of women over 30.

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Ageless Elegance: Debut of Revolutionary Pageant Celebrating Women Over 30

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