Hecaray Presents an Intelligent Sleep-Aid Solution at CES, Las Vegas, 2023

Hecaray Presents an Intelligent Sleep-Aid Solution at CES, Las Vegas, 2023Enhance Sleep Quality With Hecaray Nelf’s Contactless, Accurate Sleep Tracker

SHANGHAI, China – January 4, 2023 – (Newswire.com)

Hecaray Nelf is proud to present one of the most cutting-edge sleep-aid solutions in the world at CES, revolutionizing how sleep trackers measure sleep by being specific and touchless, providing the optimal customized sleep solutions to thousands of people they need. As a leading sleep solution provider that can precisely track the sleep cycle and offers meaningful sleep solutions to enhance people’s quality of life – will be exhibited at North Hall (No. 8066), CES in Las Vegas, which starts from Jan. 5 through until Jan. 8.

Sleep is a tricky friend these days – with 30 percent of adults in America not getting enough sleep, stress may overtake the body when people don’t get enough sleep. With the Hecaray Nelf Sleep Tracking Monitor and App – recording the whole night’s sleep, detecting the sleep stages, and analyzing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and heart rate variability (HRV) – Nelf will use the monitored data to understand people’s sleep patterns and provide an intelligent solution to improve their sleep quality by emitting special sounds and light in optimal time.

Hecaray Nelf monitors the heart rate variability (HRV), breaths per minute, as well as motion while people sleep – anything that could affect the statistics. After monitoring all of this information, Nelf identifies whether or not users are about to go into light or deep sleep and then recommends a remedy according to what it knows about sleep situations.

It’s been proven time and time again that these other products – common competitors such as wearables and contact-based sleep tech – are just plain bad for accuracy. They’re based on the false premise of wearing something when users sleep, which doesn’t sound comfortable either. In opposition, Hecaray Nelf can provide a hospital-level sleep report, which people can get to know about the signs of Sleep Apnea at home without having to go through painful PSG tests in hospitals or clinics.

Hecaray Nelf features various sounding programs, such as a library of white noise, which has been verified by scientific research to enhance sleep. It also features an intelligent 2-stage wakeup alarm to help people wake up without morning grogginess, or lights that control how much melatonin people produce at night and dawn – all three working together in order to provide users with better quality sleep.

Hecaray is an intelligent sleep all-in-one sleep solution for a better quality of life through its product. With Hecaray’s sleep-tracking technology, users will be able to track their own personal data and increase their overall well-being by receiving the optimal sleep solutions tailored by Hecaray. For more information about Hecaray Nelf, click here.

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Hecaray Presents an Intelligent Sleep-Aid Solution at CES, Las Vegas, 2023

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