4,000: Uncovering the Real Cost of Modern Love in New York City

$174,000: Uncovering the Real Cost of Modern Love in New York City

Dating in New York

From dinners to dating apps: NYC singles invest $174,000 over 6 years, highlighting the expensive journey to find love in the city that never sleeps.

It shows that New Yorkers are not only investing their hearts in the search for love but also a significant portion of their wallets.”

— Ryan Beswick

BASKING RIDGE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the city known for its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, a new kind of high-stakes venture has come to light – the quest for love. A revealing survey by Couple.com, polling New York singles, uncovers a startling financial and emotional investment in their pursuit of romance. This groundbreaking study sheds light on the real cost of finding love in the city that never sleeps.

Key Findings:

On average, single men in New York City spend a staggering $2,423 per month on dating-related expenses, which is 63% more than the $1,487 spent by women.

Annually, the average single New Yorker shells out $24,495 on dating, with men spending $29,078 and women $17,840.

Men spend considerably more in categories like dating app subscriptions, bars and clubs, matchmaking services, fitness, transportation, events, and gifts.

With an average of 6 years to find a long-term relationship, men are spending $174,469 and women are spending $107,038.

The Price of Romance in NYC:

The City That Never Sleeps is also the city that spares no expense in the quest for love. New York singles, particularly men, are digging deep into their pockets to find their perfect match. The survey reveals an intriguing aspect of modern dating – the willingness to invest heavily in personal presentation, social activities, and professional services to enhance romantic prospects.

This investment goes beyond traditional dinner dates, encapsulating a lifestyle where fitness, grooming, and even transportation become part of the dating narrative. Some highlights: men budget $346 per month on dinner dates, $190 per month on fitness and gyms, and $171 on tokens of affection, while women budget $132 per month on hair and nail services, $233 on clothing and accessories, and $69 per month on dating-related transportation costs.

In a city where the average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is a whopping $5,588 according to a recent report from Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman, these dating expenses add a significant financial burden to singles already facing high living costs. Interestingly, despite advancements in technology and the rise of online dating, the journey to find love is longer and costlier than ever.

Further Insights and a Mission for Better:

Ryan Beswick, CEO of Couple.com, shares his thoughts on these findings: “The data from our survey is a real eye-opener. It shows that New Yorkers are not only investing their hearts in the search for love but also a significant portion of their wallets. This level of financial commitment highlights the value singles place on finding meaningful connections.”

“Though the financial investment in the quest for love is indeed substantial, we at Couple.com see it as an investment in one’s personal happiness and future. Recognizing this, our goal is not just to reduce these costs but to enrich the entire journey. We believe that finding love is an invaluable experience, transcending any price tag. To this end, we’re dedicated to transforming the search for love into an adventure that is both exhilarating and accessible. Our live singles parties, innovative AI matching technology, and a host of other services are designed to make this journey not just more affordable, but also more successful and enjoyable for everyone involved,” adds Beswick.

About Couple.com:

Based in Basking Ridge, NJ, Couple.com is a pioneer in the online dating scene, offering a range of innovative services such as live entertainment, speed dating events, and cutting-edge AI matching technology. Their commitment to facilitating meaningful connections is at the heart of their mission.

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