VIVOTEK Creates International Smart Security Solution for Chi-Hai Cultural Park in Taiwan

USA – English

USA – English

VIVOTEK Creates International Smart Security Solution for Chi-Hai Cultural Park in Taiwan USA – English USA – English

TAIPEI, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yet another successful case of cultural landmark in Taipei, Taiwan! VIVOTEK (3454-TW), the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, has introduced international standard security solution to Ching-Kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park (hereinafter referred to as “Chi-Hai Cultural Park”) in Taipei to offer citizens a safe environment and experience when they visit the park and protect the park’s important cultural heritage and historical displays from damage, while also strengthening the park’s security under the premise of effective management of manpower and operating cost.

“With its great historical significance, Chi-Hai Cultural Park has now transitioned into a new cultural landmark. With upgraded security services, a balance is achieved between revitalization and preservation of historical heritage, creating new values for the park. VIVOTEK has over 20 years of industry experience and has recently undergone rebrand to transition from a surveillance equipment manufacturer to a comprehensive security solution brand, just like Chi-Hai Cultural Park’s successful transformation that presents historical heritage and an image of revival,” said Allen Hsieh, VIVOTEK Spokesperson and Director of Global Marketing Division. “In response to the market trend of AI, VIVOTEK will continue to introduce AI smart analysis capability to existing product lines and strive for integration of software and hardware and upgrade of services, proactively building safer and smarter security services for diverse places.”

Solving the Conundrums of Revitalization and Preservation of Historical Sites, VIVOTEK Tailors for Chi-Hai Cultural Park Three Security Highlights

Opening up a cultural heritage to the public often faces two conundrums—difficulty of revitalization and preservation; moreover, most surveillance equipment has not been replaced or upgraded for years and many sites still use traditional analog cameras, where image resolution is affected by transmission distance. Also, these cameras only have the function of passive recording and lack real-time preventive mechanism. Thus, during the preparatory period of Chi-Hai Cultural Park, VIVOTEK tailored for the park international standard smart security solution. For example, VIVOTEK has installed diverse products, such as fixed dome and bullet cameras and network video recorders, at important spots like Chiang Ching-Kuo Presidential Library, the first of its kind in Taiwan, and Exhibition Halls according to their specific needs, responding to the rigid demands of preservation of historical relics, prevention of incidents, and control of personnel access. Furthermore, for the park’s perimeters and entrances with busy traffics, VIVOITEK’s smart image analysis technology can also be utilized to detect abnormalities like intrusion, loitering, or line crossing detection, and notify the management through the system’s real-time alerting function, significantly enhancing efficiency of the park’s security management procedure and building a comprehensive smart security system.

On the Foundation of Smart Surveillance Service, VIVOTEK Builds Cross-Scene Security Solutions

As the leading global smart security brand, VIVOTEK has implemented the rebrand project since 2021. In addition to continued optimization and R&D of technologies, VIVOTEK also utilizes existing surveillance products as carriers for horizontal introduction of applications and smart surveillance technology. VIVOTEK not only applies AI deep learning technology to image detection and analysis, but also develops different application scenes for object tracking, behavior analysis, and facial or license plate recognition; moreover, VIVOTEK’s three major advanced search functions of attribute search, scene search, and re-search, enables one-key screening that precisely targets tags like gender, age, and clothes color. The recently launched smart cloud surveillance service and system, VORTEX and VAST Security Station, are VIVOTEK’s answer to the past pain points of untimely surveillance and protection and inaccessibility to security data. In the future, VIVOTEK will continue to optimize products and technologies and develop innovative technological applications, building for companies more smart solutions with greater efficiency, while also expanding diverse vertical applications in the areas of smart city, building automation, and transportation.

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