Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Houston Answers Abdominoplasty FAQs

Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Houston Answers Abdominoplasty FAQs

Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Houston Answers Abdominoplasty FAQs
Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Houston Answers Abdominoplasty FAQs

James F. Boynton, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, addresses common questions about tummy tuck benefits, candidacy, recovery, and more.

HOUSTON, TX, USA, July 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — One of the most common aesthetic challenges experienced by both men and women can appear in the midsection. A protruding stomach or other concerns associated with stretched or weakened abdominal muscles, excess sagging skin in the area, and stubborn pockets of fatty tissue in the belly may occur due to aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or other factors. These conditions can be hard to correct, even with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Dr. James F. Boynton, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, explains that an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) can repair these conditions and produce a firmer, flatter, recontoured abdomen. Below, Dr. Boynton provides information that answers some of the most frequently asked questions patients have about several aspects of tummy tuck surgery.

What Does the Tummy Tuck Procedure Entail?

To begin, Dr. Boynton says individuals seeking a tummy tuck in Houston should have a solid understanding of what the procedure entails. “A full abdominoplasty can tighten and restore abdominal musculature above and below the belly button and excise the surrounding loose or abundant skin, followed by tightening and firming the remaining skin to smooth the area.” Dr. Boynton notes that he typically utilizes a special technique that involves placing a low-lying incision just above the pubic region to address concerns about visible scarring even when wearing swimsuits or undergarments. Although the incisions necessary with a full abdominoplasty will inevitably result in scarring, he says the most extensive scar from an abdominoplasty can often be concealed under swimwear and other types of clothing, particularly when the procedure is performed utilizing the lower incision technique. Dr. Boynton also says lipocontouring (liposuction) is always a part of every tummy tuck surgery that he performs. “I always shape the hips/flanks/waist with the tummy tuck so that I am getting a 360-degree rejuvenation of the torso. I have always felt that it is an important thing to do. I am regularly consulted for revision abdominoplasty surgery and have seen others who had a tummy tuck without shaping through the hips, which can commonly lead to bulges and other concerns.” Generally, Dr. Boynton says most tummy tuck patients can expect the procedure to last about two hours and, although general anesthesia is required, an overnight hospital stay is not often necessary; however, these particulars will depend on the individual needs of each patient.

What Are Some of the Potential Benefits and Advantages?

In addition to a flatter, more toned-looking abdomen, Dr. Boynton highlights that many abdominoplasty patients may benefit from improved functional core muscle movements after having repaired their rectus musculature (six-pack muscles), as well as from fitting and feeling better overall in clothing. “Patients are often able to wear new styles that may have looked ‘unflattering’ previously. With a significantly renewed and enhanced midsection, I regularly see patients who experience increased confidence and overall comfort after this procedure, which can ultimately translate to positive changes emotionally, physically, and socially.”

Who Is a Candidate?

For those wondering if a tummy tuck is right for them, Dr. Boynton stresses that abdominoplasty candidates should be in good overall health, non-smokers, and at or near a healthy, stable weight. He cautions that tummy tucks are not about a “weight loss fix” but rather to aid in resolving bulging or protruding abdomens with lax skin and stretched muscles, or simply collections of excess skin and fat in the abdominal region, despite one’s best efforts with a proper diet and exercise routine. Candidates for tummy tucks often include men and women who have accomplished dramatic weight loss and have loose, excess skin hanging around the belly, as well as mothers with torn or weak abdominal muscles after pregnancy and childbirth. For the latter, Dr. Boynton notes that it can be advantageous for many women interested in abdominoplasty along with other cosmetic procedures to consider a Mommy Makeover in Houston. He explains that a Mommy Makeover combines two or more plastic surgeries in a comprehensive cosmetic rejuvenation plan for candidates who meet the appropriate health and aesthetic goal criteria.

What Does the Recovery Process Involve?

After an abdominoplasty, Dr. Boynton relays that most of his patients are able to return to work and normal routines about one to two weeks following surgery, depending on the nature of the job and required movements. During this recovery time, he explains that bruising, swelling, and soreness are to be expected, and taking short walks each day is highly encouraged to maintain healthy blood circulation. More strenuous and vigorous activities, including heavy lifting, should be avoided for at least four to six weeks post-surgery. Dr. Boynton says detailed post-operative guidelines will be provided for patients, along with customized recommendations. “Some of the progressive recovery approaches I use include the EXPAREL® ‘internal pain pump,’ which delivers pain control for three full days, as well as scar therapies.” Dr. Boynton has used EXPAREL® since its inception and has extensive experience with this technique. He believes EXPAREL® has single-handedly made tummy tuck surgery an outpatient procedure, whereby patients can leave the facility shortly after surgery and recover in the comfort of their own home instead of staying overnight at a surgicenter or a hospital, which was more common prior to its inception. Additionally, Dr. Boynton offers scar therapy options such as a silicone gel scar cream that can help diminish the appearance of potential scarring after the incisions have been closed.

Above all, Dr. Boynton believes that tummy tuck surgery should be sought from an experienced, preferably board-certified plastic surgeon—one with a proven history of performing safe and successful abdominoplasties. “Skilled, qualified surgeons with the appropriate credentials spend numerous years in training and are dedicated to an ongoing commitment of expert patient care using many of the latest advancements in surgical techniques and safety standards. After you have reviewed a prospective surgeon’s background and determined they may be a good choice, you should schedule a personal consultation to discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals while evaluating how you feel about the surgeon’s abilities and overall approach to care. If you feel comfortable moving forward, then the surgeon can develop a customized treatment plan.”

About James F. Boynton, MD, FACS

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. James F. Boynton has been recognized as one of America’s Top Doctors® by Castle Connolly®. He has also been recognized as a Top Doctor in local publications such as H-Texas magazine and Houstonia magazine. Dr. Boynton is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, as well as The Aesthetic Society®. In addition to tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Boynton offers a comprehensive variety of facial surgery, breast surgery, and body contouring procedures for both women and men. He is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Dr. Boynton and his practice, please visit boyntonplasticsurgery.com and facebook.com/DrBoynton.

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