Painted in Pearly Morning Light – Orange Frazer Press Publishes Intimate Portrait of Modern Realist Master in “Philip Pearlstein: The Yellow Glasses”

Painted in Pearly Morning Light – Orange Frazer Press Publishes Intimate Portrait of Modern Realist Master in “Philip Pearlstein: The Yellow Glasses”

With an introduction by famed Smithsonian American Art Museum director, Dr. Elizabeth Broun

WILMINGTON, Ohio, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As a home for small batch, custom crafted books, Orange Frazer Press (OFP) proudly announced the recent publication of “Philip Pearlstein: The Yellow Glasses,” by Jim Dicke II. The latest release from OFP’s publishing house is a vibrant, shimmering glimpse into the illustrious career of Philip Pearlstein, a titan of Modernist Realist art, viewed through the lens of his dialogue and unfolding friendship with Ohio author Jim Dicke. In a rare opportunity to see the artist as one who knew him, readers can discover the honor Dicke received – immortalized with a pair of bright yellow glasses.

“When Dicke met and then later sat in a once-in-a-lifetime portrait opportunity with Pearlstein, it formed the purest of friendships forged via the transformative power of art. The Sufis sometimes call these kinds of meetings a Sohbet: a rare type of communication that involves the sacred exchange of art and knowledge. To have the essence of such an historic event recorded in a book is a singular treasure – a pearl beyond price. So we were delighted to help get this important work out into the world,” said Marcy Hawley, co-founder of OFP.


With a crisp, insightful introduction by art historian Elizabeth Broun, the book illuminates Pearlstein’s unique approach to figure painting while celebrating his enduring influence on future generations of artists. Dicke’s heartfelt essay invites readers into a captivating journey that explores both the practical applications of Pearlstein’s craft along with the profound impact the artist will continue to have on contemporary art.

Complete with lush photos of some of Pearlstein’s iconic works and Dicke’s own eponymous portrait, “The Yellow Glasses” is a monument to the discipline and vision of a true American art legend.

  • 6 x 9, 32 pages, hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1949248-838
  • Copyright 2024

From the book:

“Philip painted in the natural morning light and did his best to reserve mornings for painting time … Another revelation was the extent to which Philip had collected and retained most of the objects and props he had used in his artworks over the years … To hold a little ceramic oil lamp in your hand that was lighting some space at night two-thousand years ago holds a kind of magic…

Pearlstein said he had been considering doing my portrait as a three-quarter length image on a vertical canvas, about 48 x 36, and what did I think? I told him that sounded good and there we had it … By my count in the coming months, I would sit for Philip thirty-nine and one-half hours, developing the kind of regard and affection for him that one has for a godfather or a favorite uncle….”

From Dr. Broun’s introduction:

“His essay is wholly in the service of Pearlstein and his art, inspired by his enormous regard for the artist … Dicke’s account tells how two good men discovered each other. The unfolding story rewards the reader in so many ways, artistic and personal.”

Readers can purchase “The Yellow Glasses” directly from OFP and via Amazon. And please visit OFP online to view the complete catalog of fine books on offer – along with detailed testimonials from past and current clients.

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