‘NextRise Seoul,’ the Biggest Startup-Innovation Fair in Asia, Announces Its First Official Awards

‘NextRise Seoul,’ the Biggest Startup-Innovation Fair in Asia, Announces Its First Official Awards

‘NextRise Seoul,’ the Biggest Startup-Innovation Fair in Asia, Announces Its First Official Awards
NextRise Awards 2023

14 Companies Won NextRise Awards 2023

  • Mopic, 3D Display Technology Startup, Won Top Honors at NextRise Awards 2023 
  • 332 Startups Applied Globally (Generative AI, Robot, Vegan Food Tech, Bio, etc.) 
  • 14 Startups With Future Technology Honored 
  • 'Best Innovation Prize': AI-based Prompt Engineering 'Keytalk.AI,' High-Performance Vegan Food Tech 'JoinandJoin,' Japanese Travel Fintech 'Kabuk'

Korea International Trade Association (Chairman Christopher KOO) and KDB Korea Development Bank (Chairman & CEO KANG Seog-hoon) held the NextRise Awards Ceremony on June 1 at COEX in Seoul, Korea. The ceremony was a part of NextRise 2023, Asia's largest startup innovation fair.

Now in its fifth year, NextRise Seoul has become a significant platform for startups. This year, over 1,200 venture and startup companies, along with 200 large and medium-sized enterprises, participated, resulting in approximately 3,200 1:1 business consultations, expected to exceed the number of successful business collaboration from last year's records.

To further bolster the growth of this event, the NextRise Awards were established this year to encourage the development of promising startups and promote their innovative technologies and ideas. A total of 332 domestic and foreign startups applied for the awards, and after a rigorous evaluation process based on technology and marketability, 14 companies were selected as winners.

During the official ceremony, Mopic, a startup with technology that implements 3D effects on flat-panel displays, received the prestigious Grand Innovation Prize.

The Best Innovation Prize was awarded to three outstanding companies. Keytalk.AI, which provides advanced prompt engineering solutions for AI transformation; JoinandJoin, a high-performance vegan food tech company; and Kabuk, a Japanese travel fintech startup, were honored for their contributions.

The Innovation Prize category recognized 10 startups with AI-based business models that have attracted significant attention. Among them were Pillyze, a health tech startup that offers personalized AI solutions for health management; Pion Corporation, an AI-based startup that automatically produces advertisement videos in large quantities with only product URLs; Wrtn Technologies, which provides an AI assistant called 'Wrtn' based on generative AI technologies; Superbin, a circular resource startup using AI and robotics; and DeepX, a company equipped with high-efficiency AI semiconductor technology that can be applied to production processes such as robot platforms, among others.

Additional recipients of the Innovation Prize included Roen Surgical, which develops flexible endoscopic surgical robots; Organoid Sciences, which has regenerative treatment and drug efficacy evaluation platform technologies; Astron Security, which provides integrated cloud security solutions; and FTD Solutions, an industrial water resource management system startup in the U.S.

Executive Vice Chairman JEONG Marn-ki of the Korea International Trade Association stated, "We have witnessed an overwhelming level of interest and participation from numerous startups in this year's inaugural NextRise Awards, surpassing our expectations. In a global economic landscape where the momentum of growth is weakening, we look forward to the technologies and ideas of the innovation champions selected through the NextRise Awards becoming catalysts for innovative growth and economic vitality."

He further added, "As the first awards ceremony was successfully held, we have plans to actively support the NextRise Awards in the future, enabling them to serve as a gateway for startups with innovative technologies and potential, allowing them to make their debut on the global stage."

For more information about the NextRise Awards winners, please visit the official NextRise website at www.nextrise.co.kr

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