Miami Welcomes The Cell Bar – The Country’s First Hydrogen Restoration Therapy Bar Dedicated To Cellular Health

MIAMI BEACH, FL, USA, May 2, 2023/ — The Cell Bar | Hydrogen Restoration Therapy, the country’s first hydrogen bar focused on cellular health, recently opened its doors on the famed Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. An unprecedented destination delivering a 360 approach to anti-aging and wellness, The Cell Bar offers a menu of breakthrough services designed to promote optimum health and bodily function within a calming, unique atmosphere steeped in comfort.

The brainchild of renowned beauty concierge Lisa Greene and beauty industry veteran Peter Bainlardi, The Cell Bar offers a variety of hydrogen restoration therapy services to nourish, heal and enhance the body’s function at the cellular level. The breakthrough treatments tap into the strengths of molecular hydrogen – utilizing its powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties to support a healthier body, optimal cognitive function, and radiant skin.

Deeply dedicated to providing cutting-edge beauty and wellness treatments to her devoted private clientele, Greene, owner of LHP wellness, has “had the privilege of building strong relationships with international manufacturers that produce all-natural wellness and graceful aging solutions.” Immediately after being introduced to hydrogen restoration therapy, Greene knew that the concept needed immediate placement on her roster of services, but she also realized that this breakthrough technology deserved its own standalone home. Immunity boosting, reduced inflammation, enhanced metabolism, and toxin removal are all scientifically proven benefits of hydrogen restoration therapy – which Greene is extremely proud to offer at The Cell Bar.

The state-of-the-art services offered at The Cell Bar are enhanced by the brand’s Quantum Energy Hydrogen Water products that provide the most effective delivery system of molecular hydrogen available – meaning you won’t find treatments that offer a deeper level of cellular hydration ANYWHERE. With treatments designed to be inhaled, ingested, or infused, The Cell Bar offers services that suit everyone.

In addition to the advanced wellness innovation, The Cell Bar’s tranquil, pristine atmosphere lends itself to the ultimate transformative experience. Miami’s beauty and wellness-driven culture made South Florida a natural fit for The Cell Bar’s debut location. Out of this world, rejuvenating, and invigorating are a few of the descriptions used to explain The Cell Bar experience. Trying it is believing it!

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