Launch of SynapGen® Transformational Coaching Qualifications:

Launch of SynapGen® Transformational Coaching Qualifications:

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Revolutionising the Coaching Landscape with Patho-Neuro Linguistic Psychology (PNLPsy)

Developing innovative ways to enhance neuro synthesis is a game changer in the transformational coaching field.”

— Dr Terry McIvor

LONDONDERRY, COUNTY LONDONDERRY, UNITED KINGDOM, June 29, 2024 / — Manipur International University and the International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®) are thrilled to announce the launch of the SynapGen® Transformational Coaching qualifications, a series of cutting-edge programs designed to revolutionize the coaching industry. Grounded in the innovative Patho-Neuro Linguistic Psychology (PNLPsy) developed by Dr Terry McIvor, these qualifications offer a comprehensive and integrative approach to personal development, mental health, and behavioural change.

SynapGen® Transformational Coaching Qualifications
The SynapGen® qualifications are structured into three progressive levels, each tailored to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to foster profound and lasting transformations in their clients.

SynapGen® Certified Practitioner (SGCP®)
Foundation of Excellence

The SGCP® program serves as the entry point into the SynapGen® system. It introduces foundational coaching techniques alongside basic neuroscience and psychological principles, laying the groundwork for effective coaching practice.

Key Techniques:

Emotional Echo Mapping (EEM): This technique helps identify and re-map emotional responses, enhancing emotional awareness and regulation by promoting new neural connections.
Cognitive Rhythm Synchronization (CRS): Synchronizes cognitive tasks with rhythmic activities to improve mental agility and engage brain regions involved in executive function.
Sensory Integration Narrative (SIN) combines narrative techniques with sensory experiences to promote deeper emotional and cognitive processing, enhancing memory consolidation and emotional insight.
The SGCP® program equips practitioners with essential skills in emotional regulation, cognitive flexibility, and resilience, enabling them to create personalized and adaptive coaching plans.

SynapGen® Advanced Practitioner (SGAP®)
Deepening Expertise

Building on the foundational skills acquired in the SGCP® program, the SGAP® course delves into advanced techniques and integrates deeper neuroscience and psychological applications.

Key Techniques:

Advanced Cognitive Reappraisal (ACR): Utilizes advanced techniques for cognitive restructuring and engages the prefrontal cortex to modify emotional responses.
Emotional Palette Expansion (EPE): Expands emotional vocabulary and expression for better regulation by enhancing neural pathways related to emotional granularity.
Neural Pathway Diversification (NPD): Engages diverse neural pathways to enhance cognitive flexibility and promote neuroplasticity through varied cognitive activities.
The SGAP® program prepares practitioners to handle complex client challenges with sophisticated tools, deepening emotional, cognitive, and sensory integration.

SynapGen® Master Trainer (SGMT®)
Leading the Field

Designed for experienced practitioners, the SGMT® program prepares individuals to teach and lead within the SynapGen® system. It emphasizes pedagogical skills, leadership, and advanced neuroscience applications.

Key Techniques:

Pedagogical Skills Development (PSD): Utilizes pedagogical techniques based on patho-neuro linguistic principles, engaging multiple brain areas to promote learning and memory.
Leadership in Coaching (LIC): Integrates neuroscience-based leadership techniques, enhancing prefrontal cortex functions for improved executive skills and social influence.
Advanced Neuroscientific Research Applications (ANRA): This program applies the latest neuroscience research to coaching, ensuring that techniques are evidence-based and effective.
The SGMT® program equips coaches with advanced teaching and leadership skills, ensuring mastery of complex neuroscientific principles and preparing them to mentor and develop other practitioners within the SynapGen® system.

About Patho-Neuro Linguistic Psychology (PNLPsy)
PNLPsy is an integrative approach developed by Dr. Terry McIvor, a distinguished Senior Fellow in Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Mental Health Treatments at Manipur International University. Combining principles from pathology, neuroscience, and linguistic psychology, PNLPsy aims to enhance mental well-being by addressing pathological elements, leveraging neuroplasticity, and utilizing linguistic strategies to facilitate cognitive restructuring, emotional regulation, and behavioural change.

Dr. Terry McIvor’s Leadership
Dr. Terry McIvor, the visionary behind PNLPsy, has been awarded the title of Senior Fellow in Integrative Neuroscience and Personalised Mental Health Treatments and Chair of Psychology and Neuroscience Therapy for his outstanding contributions to psychology and neuroscience. He is also the CEO of the International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®). Leading a team of clinical psychologists, Dr. McIvor has developed and integrated these therapies into effective coaching practices, ensuring that practitioners trained in the SynapGen® system are equipped with evidence-based techniques to foster profound transformations in their clients.

Manipur International University and the International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®) are proud to support the advancement of mental health and coaching through the SynapGen® Transformational Coaching qualifications. These innovative programs, grounded in Patho-Neuro Linguistic Psychology (PNLPsy), represent a significant leap forward in understanding and influencing human behaviour. Practitioners trained through these courses are empowered to create personalized, adaptive, and effective coaching plans, promoting mental well-being and resilience.

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