Laishui, China: Laishui Ma-Walnut — Small Walnuts, Big Industry

Laishui, China: Laishui Ma-Walnut — Small Walnuts, Big Industry

BAODING, China, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In recent days, the Cultural Corridor for Laishui Ma-Walnut, recognized as a national geographical indication product in Laishui, China, has been made accessible to both local and foreign visitors. The Market Supervision Bureau of Laishui County has optimized its promotional strategies and constructed the cultural corridor for the Laishui Ma-Walnut, a product with a national geographical indication.

Situated on Gongchen Street in Laishui County, China, the Cultural Corridor features a main sign, a secondary sign, and 18 promotional boards, stretching about 2000 meters in length. It employs various forms such as visual signs, actual Ma-Walnut landscapes, and promotional boards to vividly illustrate the geographical indication culture, Laishui Ma-Walnut culture, and the accomplishments of the demonstration area. This project has achieved a visual representation of the demonstration area’s creation and embedded geographical indication culture into the city’s promotional image.

Laishui Ma-Walnut, a national geographical indication product of China, integrates ornamental, recreational, and fitness purposes. It has thrived for over two thousand years in Chinese history, forming a unique Chinese walnut culture in the world. This primarily comprises five types: chicken heart, lion head, noble’s cap, official’s cap, and tiger head. It features a fine texture, smooth patterns, realistic veins, dignified appearance, appropriately spaced wrinkles, and quick coloration. After being handled, it turns dark red and smooth, with a patina like jade, offering high collectible value and fitness benefits.

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