Inventor and CEO of H2Ocean Honored with Martin County Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Inventor and CEO of H2Ocean Honored with Martin County Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Global Leader in Sea Salt Products

Eddie Kolos, the inventor and CEO of H2Ocean, Eddie Kolos, has been named Martin County’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2023.

Eddie Kolos Receives Entrepreneur of the Year Award

H2Ocean products range from First Aid, Health and Beauty, Oral Care, Body Piercings, Tattoo Aftercare, Hair Care, and more. These products provide you with calming, soothing and optimum 82 healing minerals found in the Red Sea Salt.

H2Ocean Original Sea Salt Based All Natural Products

H2Ocean Founder Eddie Kolos Wins Prestigious Entrepreneurship Award for Pioneering Natural Skin Healing Products Harnessing the Power of the Ocean.

H2Ocean CEO Awarded with Entrepreneur of the Year for 2023.

H2Ocean Founder Recognized: Martin County Celebrates Entrepreneurial Excellence with Prestigious Award for Innovation and Leadership.

H2Ocean products use natural sea minerals and enzymes that are a perfect match for the human body’s saline system. H2Ocean’s patented products contain over 82 trace minerals from Red Sea salt.”

— Eddie Kolos

STUART, FLORIDA, USA, April 15, 2024 / — We are thrilled to announce that Eddie Kolos, the innovative mind behind H2Ocean, has been honored with the prestigious title of “Martin County’s Entrepreneur of the Year” on December 8, 2023, by Martin County officials. This award ceremony was hosted by West Palm Beach WPTV Fox News Anchor, Tania Rogers.

“Each year we’re amazed by the variety, diversity and creativity that describes the companies that are nominated,” Joan Goodrich, Martin County Business Development Board executive director, said in a press release “And each year the process of evaluating nominees and selecting winners is particularly taxing for our panel. But they’ve again risen to the challenge and chosen an incredible class of awardees.” This recognition celebrates Eddie’s remarkable contributions to the field of health and skincare through his pioneering work in harnessing the natural healing powers of the ocean.

Eddie Kolos, CEO and visionary inventor of H2Ocean, has dedicated himself to unlocking the potential of nature’s power for the betterment of human health. His groundbreaking achievement lies in patenting the healing properties of the ocean, specifically utilizing natural Red Sea salt to formulate the original all natural H2Ocean product line. This innovative line of products has revolutionized the skincare industry, offering unparalleled benefits derived from the ocean’s mineral rich resources.

Eddie’s journey began in 2001, a time when concepts such as organic food, sea salt, and natural remedies were still in their infancy. Drawing from his extensive expertise in saltwater aquariums and the sunscreen industry, as well as his lifelong affinity for the ocean, Eddie recognized the profound healing potential inherent in ocean minerals. Thus, he embarked on a mission to develop a comprehensive range of natural sea salt based skin healing products that would ultimately lead the market in innovation and effectiveness.

As an inventor, author, formulator, and waterman, Eddie Kolos epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his passion for harnessing the power of nature have driven H2Ocean to the forefront of the health and skincare industry. H2Ocean products range from First Aid, Health and Beauty, Oral Care, Body Piercings, Tattoo Aftercare, Hair Care, and more. These products provide calming, soothing, and optimum healing with 82 minerals found only in Red Sea Salt.

“It is an incredible honor to be recognized as Martin County’s Entrepreneur of the Year. This award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team at H2Ocean, who share my vision of harnessing the healing properties of the ocean to improve lives. I am immensely grateful for this recognition and look forward to continuing our mission of providing innovative, all natural solutions for optimal health and well-being,” said Eddie Kolos, Inventor and CEO of H2Ocean.

H2Ocean remains committed to its founding principles of sustainability, integrity, and efficacy, as it continues to pioneer advancements in natural skincare and healthcare solutions. With Eddie Kolos visionary approach, H2Ocean is in forefront to lead the skincare industry into a future where the healing powers of the ocean are more accessible and transformative than ever before.

About H2Ocean:

Founded by inventor and CEO Eddie Kolos, H2Ocean is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that promote health, wellness, and environmental sustainability. H2Ocean is a global leader in providing patented, sea salt based natural healing products that are trusted by millions, clinically proven, and backed by science. Since 2001, H2Ocean is continuously innovating in the skincare industry by developing all natural products that contain clean ingredients including minerals, enzymes, and pure elements from the ocean.

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Eddie Kolos, CEO of H2Ocean, Honored with Martin County Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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