House of Fashion Sets a New Standard for Fashion & Art Integration with Groundbreaking Launch Event

House of Fashion Sets a New Standard for Fashion & Art Integration with Groundbreaking Launch Event

Dressed to impress: MUTED collection’s duo models turn up the heat on the runway

Desert art installation by MUTED featuring a sandy landscape and a lone house, with a large floating moon in the sky.

MUTED Desert Art Installation featuring a large sandbox with real sand, a solitary house, and a floating moon in front of it.

A black wall adorned with physical art frames, displaying digital artwork from House of Fashions digital collectibles, arranged in an art gallery style.

House of Fashion’s digital collectibles on display in an art gallery style.

House of Fashion sets new standard for fashion and art integration with groundbreaking immersive experience and successful launch event during Miami Tech Month.

EJD Construction Contractors is proud to be the premier sponsor of the House of Fashion launch event and witness the debut of this season’s clothing collection, MUTED.”

— Eric Scarborough, owner of EJD Construction

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2023/ — House of Fashion, the innovative Web3 fashion brand, is taking the industry by storm with its groundbreaking immersive experience that merges fashion and technology. On April 7th, 2023, the brand held its highly anticipated launch event, “Unveiling the Future: A Fashion & Art Experience,” at M3 Studios, the largest independent film studio in South Florida. The event was a resounding success, with fashion enthusiasts and art aficionados treated to a memorable evening of creativity and innovation.

The brand’s digital collectibles collection was on full display in an art exhibition-style setting, while exclusive custom home decor pieces and immersive art installations made for a truly unforgettable evening. The debut of this season’s clothing collection, M U T E D, presented on the runway, was complemented by captivating performances, including an opera singing and violin duo by David Capiello and Hilsis Reyes and a graceful ballet performance by Liana Corrida.

“We are thrilled to have had EJD Construction’s sponsorship for this event, and their support was invaluable in making our immersive art installation possible,” said LCamero, House of Fashion’s founder. “As the artist behind the installation, I was inspired by their custom home design and decided to incorporate it into the artwork, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for our guests.”

EJD Construction, a local South Florida construction company specializing in custom home buildouts and remodels, was the event’s title sponsor and played a crucial role in making the desert installation possible. Mosaicist, a mosaic glass tile company, also served as a co-sponsor of the event.

“EJD Construction is proud to be the premier sponsor of the House of Fashion launch event and witness the debut of this season’s clothing collection, M U T E D,” said Eric Scarborough, owner of EJD Construction and Platinum Sponsor of the event.

“Our contributions to the desert art installation and support for the overall launch event have aligned us with a creative and innovative company like House of Fashion! The modern muted custom home featured in the desert art installation perfectly represents the synergy between our general contracting ability to adhere to specific artistic preferences and demand. EJD Construction is committed to freedom of expression through custom home designs and remodeling. Bring your vision to life by building your dream home! Seeing the desert art installation, which showcased a vision of a dream house in the meta world, lets homeowners understand that anything you’d wish to build can be real. EJD Construction can make any vision a reality.”

“House of Fashion is not a big corporate company backed by investors or VCs. Instead, it is a self-funded, passion-driven brand we pour our hearts and souls into daily. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fashion and bring our unique vision to the world.” said Henry Cedeño, Co-Founder House of Fashion

The House of Fashion also made a significant announcement at the event, with the upcoming mint for the digital collectibles set for release on May 5th, 2023. All VIP attendees will receive a House of Fashion digital collectible, which also acts as their future access pass to the world of House of Fashion. Holders of the collectibles will have exclusive access to limited-edition clothing drops, preferred pricing across all our brands, exclusive digital wearables, and entry into future events.

“House of Fashion is bridging the gap between web3 and fashion into an immersive experience, unlike anything you have ever seen before. Blending AR/VR reality with fashion enhancing runway experience with NFTs,” said Scarlett Arana, Co-Founder of BitBasel.

House of Fashion has established itself as a new kind of creative brand that seamlessly integrates the worlds of art, fashion, and technology. The brand’s versatility is evident in its three interconnected areas – digital collectibles, exclusive augmented reality clothing filters, and physical and digital clothing drops. House of Fashion demonstrates how these distinct disciplines can work together to create a unique and cohesive entity through this approach. With its highly successful launch event, House of Fashion has positioned itself as a brand to watch, poised to captivate audiences and generate media attention in the coming weeks.

Media outlets interested in running stories, or in need of images and video of the Unveiling the Future: A Fashion & Art Experience event, are encouraged to contact House of Fashion’s press team at [email protected]. We would be happy to provide additional information and materials to support your coverage.

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