Elegance and Artistry Celebration In Miami

Elegance and Artistry Celebration In Miami

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MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brigatt, a prestigious art company merging mediums of artistic expression with luxury goods, is set to debut its innovative approach during Miami Art Week with the highly anticipated Brigatt Expo – ‘Revelation.’ This​ four-day, two-location extravaganza, taking place from December 7th thru the 10th, 2023, aims to transform the art and luxury industries by spotlighting BIPOC artists, fostering collaborations, and creating unique experiences at the intersection of art, fragrance, and technology. A portion of proceeds from Brigatt art will benefit these three foundations: Waikalani, The Institute of Art and Olfaction, and Fam1st Family Foundation.

Founded by artist and CEO, Lovesbond Sterling, also known as LVSBND, Brigatt is on a mission to challenge the conventional ways consumers relate to and interact with luxury products. Sterling’s personal background and experience in the art and photography world have fueled his relentless desire to innovate and merge concepts together. With Brigatt, he aims to offer a holistic approach to product creation and marketing, redefining the future of luxury.

The Brigatt Expo – ‘Revelation’ started as a small artist debut for Sterling, but has since evolved into a monumental event aligned with some of the top luxury brands in the world. The expo seeks to be the most elegant event during Art Basel Miami, showcasing the work of BIPOC artists across various disciplines and mediums. It will be a celebration of art, luxury, and technology, highlighting unique collaborations and the rich diversity found in these realms. This event will be orchestrated by the international event producer, Love Fajota and the Evoken Global team.

Of the collaborations at the Brigatt Expo, one is with renowned artist Amani Lewis. Transforming the conceptual essence of each fragrance into paintings. Lewis draws inspiration from the creative direction and nuanced olfactory notes, offering a unique and personal interpretation of each scent. Brigatt’s second collaboration is with Lost Warhols creator, Karen Bystedt who is set to display highly sought after original photographs of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Another exciting aspect of the Brigatt Expo is the collaboration with S1CWORLD by artist Miguel. The inclusion of S1CWORLD artists and their artworks in the expo provides a platform for global exposure, validation, networking, and cultural exchange. This partnership aims to celebrate and highlight BIPOC artists, making it a momentous occasion for both the local and global art scenes.

The Brigatt Expo will kick off with a private event hosted by MOOON PARTY at the prestigious Kimpton Surfcomber on December 6th. This private dinner, attended by renowned artist Miguel and a select cadre of high-profile individuals, promises to be an evening of elegance. MOOON PARTY will capture the event in a documentary that will make history by being archived on the lunar surface, courtesy of SpaceX’s Falcon 9.

Lovesbond Sterling, the visionary behind Brigatt, expressed his excitement for the upcoming expo, stating, “I imagined a place where creativity has no compromise, and now I’m building it. The Brigatt Expo is a culmination of my passion for art, fragrance, and luxury. It’s not just a celebration but a monumental step in preserving artistic and cultural milestones beyond Earth.”

Art enthusiasts, collectors, art critics, reviewers, cultural influencers, local community members, educational institutions, fragrance enthusiasts, beauty and fashion bloggers, luxury lifestyle consumers, celebrities, influencers, beauty editors, journalists, and online retailers and distributors are all invited to experience the Brigatt Expo – ‘Revelation.’

For more information about Brigatt and the upcoming Brigatt Expo, please visit www.brigatt.com or follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lvsbnd and https://www.instagram.com/amanilewis_

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