Bethesda Plastic Surgeon Answers 4 Facelift FAQs

Bethesda Plastic Surgeon Answers 4 Facelift FAQs

Mark Richards, MD, a Bethesda plastic surgeon at Ageless Impressions – Plastic Surgery Institute, answers frequently asked questions about facelift surgery.

BETHESDA, MD, USA, July 1, 2024 / — As a renowned Bethesda plastic surgeon, Mark Richards, MD has used facelift surgery to “turn back time” for countless patients. In other words, this procedure – which involves the repositioning and restructuring of deep facial tissue – can allow patients to enjoy a more youthful, refreshed, and rejuvenated look. In addition, Dr. Richards explains, the surgery can dramatically reduce the severity of age-related concerns like sagging skin, deep creases, and jowls.

Dr. Richards states that it is common for prospective facelift patients to have questions about what to expect. In the interest of keeping his patients feeling informed and comfortable, he is always happy to answer such questions. Below, Dr. Richards provides answers to four of the most common facelift questions he is asked every day.

1. Does a facelift address the entire face?

According to Dr. Richards, a facelift primarily targets the lower half of the face and upper neck. Because the procedure does not typically involve the forehead or eyelids, patients with these additional goals may opt to combine facelift surgery with brow lift surgery, blepharoplasty, or another option.

2. Is facelift surgery painful?

Dr. Richards explains that facelift surgery is generally not considered painful. Patients might experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising in the days following the procedure; however, these phenomena usually resolve rapidly and are mitigated with prescribed medications.

3. How long does facelift surgery recovery take?

Dr. Richards advises that the initial facelift recovery period typically takes about two weeks, during which swelling and bruising should diminish significantly. Most patients can resume more strenuous activities (e.g. intensive exercise) within a month after the procedure. Dr. Richards also notes that complete healing and final results can take several months to appear, as the residual swelling requires time to subside.

4. Will facelift surgery results look natural?

When facelift surgery is performed by an experienced provider, the results should look very natural, says Dr. Richards. While he understands that lower quality procedures are associated with a “windswept” or “pulled” look, he assures patients that a surgeon with the proper training will aim to create effects that flatter a patient’s natural beauty, rather than produce a manufactured appearance.

Moreover, Dr. Richards urges any patient seeking facelift surgery to consult a reputable provider. Doing so, he says, can be the difference between a satisfactory and unsatisfactory plastic surgery experience.

About Mark Richards, MD

The former Plastic Surgery Consultant to the White House, Mark Richards, MD is a celebrated physician with nearly four decades in practice. He has been widely recognized for his life-changing surgical results and high quality bedside manner, having been named “Top Doctor” by Bethesda Magazine, US News and World Report, and a variety of additional publications. Dr. Richards offers a plethora of aesthetic procedures for the face, body, and breasts at his practice. In addition to his contributions to plastic surgery research, Dr. Richards is an expert in bio-identical hormone therapy, which he has used to encourage overall wellness for more than 15 years. His recently published best-selling book can be found at Dr. Richards is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Dr. Richards and his practice, visit and, or find the practice at and @drmarkrichards on Instagram.

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