Alpha Auto in Chico Launches Automotive Detailing Services

Alpha Auto in Chico Launches Automotive Detailing Services

Alpha Auto in Chico Launches Automotive Detailing Services

Alpha Auto Detailing offers the latest in paint protection films, window tinting, and car ceramic nano coating for people in and around Chico, California.

I will always treat your vehicle like it is my own. I’m confident that you will become a lifelong customer once you have experienced my quality workmanship and professionalism”

— Derek Lay, Owner – Alpha Auto Detailing

CHICO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022/ — Some people prefer taking their car to a nearby car wash while others might clean their favorite ride at home. Car washing facilities are easy to find, and the car-care marketplace offers plenty of supplies for folks who believe in the DIY approach. However, car detailing requires a professional touch and specialized services that are beyond the perspective of spraying and wiping down the vehicle’s body or applying wax to the interiors. Car detailing promises to restore the vehicle to its new-like look, and it offers many protective yet functional treatments. California’s Alpha Auto Detailing recently rolled out its auto detailing services.

Car detailing services can be confused with comprehensive car cleaning or car spa. Washing the doors, glass, and rims, removing light scratches, polishing the automotive body, and sealing—these services help to keep the car clean. Similarly, internally vacuuming the seats, car carpets or rugs, steam cleaning, and perfuming simply comprehensively cleaning the car’s interiors. However, a detailing process like applying paint protection film Chico goes one step ahead, setting up a permanent barrier between the car’s surface and the outside weather, boosting the overall durability of the car’s exteriors.

While car sealing or waxing eventually gives away, PPF has a much longer performance life. While polishing will eventually wear off, PPF remains intact for many years, making the car look new for years. Car polishing and vacuum cleaning are doable at home with plenty of branded products available on eCommerce platforms for such basic car upkeep. Applying the paint protection film needs a professional setup. Alpha Auto Detailing offers an extreme gloss PPF that uses water-repelling and self-healing top-coat technology. The clear vinyl wrap can instantly make a car look younger, even vehicles that have been ridden hard and tend to invite a lot of surface abuse. In contrast to graphical car stickers, the mere sizing and cutting of PPF sheets require machines and computing technology to get a perfect size.

Normal car detailing options are often about the aesthetics, rendering a new-like touch that holds on for a few weeks, and every subsequent application is about spending more. Alpha Auto offers car detailing that goes beyond the car’s looks. The PPF treatment has a high functional quotient, protecting against road debris and rock chips that tend to take a toll on the car’s exteriors. This can be very useful for people who regularly drive in rough road conditions with a lot of loose gravel or grit.

Automobile detailing is about protecting your investment. Cars from the biggest auto brands can depreciate every year, and the resale value can be surprisingly low. Detailing provides a resolution for such issues. A common car maintenance problem is the gradual deterioration of the top-coat of the car’s surface that can take a beating, particularly in heavily used commercial vehicles and busy family vans. Such vehicles develop a typical, faded appearance, bringing down their resale value. Even regular polishing and buffing cannot neutralize the damage compounded over the years. Any mistakes in repeated car polishing attempted at home creates the risk of swirls and scratches that can cause more damage than good.

“Derek is seriously the best in the business – the only detailer I trust with my vehicles. I’ve been taking my cars to him for years.” – Tony S., Customer at Alpha Auto Detailing

Alpha Auto Detailing provides an answer with its ceramic coatings Chico. This nano-coating fixes itself to the car’s exterior. It can restore the car’s glory days as it tends to revitalize the painted look, transforming the jaded, aging car paint by adding a bit of luster. The paint life extension effect of the ceramic coating cannot be created at home or by applying car care products that are bought off the shelf. Nano ceramic coating has a serious functional impact too as its proprietary technology boosts the laminar flow, reducing the vehicle drag, and boosting the fuel efficiency—a small but important contribution to the environment, and a feature that a regular car detailing shop might struggle to provide and explain.

Consider the barber shop example. There is a sense of understanding, a bonding associated with businesses integrated into the local community. While people can be attracted to the luxury salons, the neighborhood barber shop will always have an appeal because it tends to groom one-on-one relationships. Ideally, the local business should be able to offer the modern tools of the trade and services along with trustworthy services.

Alpha Auto Detailing has been able to create this blend, combining the latest in automobile detailing with the collaboration and ease of doing business associated with a nearby, local service provider. Offering many types of window tinting Chico and the surrounding areas offer the maximum engagement for its services. From sports car enthusiasts to car preservation hobbyists, everyday office commuting folks, and those who manage fleets, different car owners can find the latest car window film treatments at Alpha Auto.

The reasons to choose window filming can vary from adding some street style to protecting from UV rays or adding more privacy to the vehicle. The team at Alpha Auto takes the time to understand different car window filming needs and recommend the best-matched option.

About Alpha Auto Detailing

Based out of Chico, California, Alpha Auto strives to deliver the best in automotive paint protection and luxury detailing. From family heirloom four-wheelers to sports trucks, and compact hatchbacks to SUVs, the detailing specialists tend to all types of auto detailing demands. The range of services includes window tinting, paint protection films, ceramic coatings, paint protection solutions, and wheel powder coating. The family-owned business is positioned as a one-stop shop for car styling, auto detailing, and automotive protection products & services in Chico and surrounding areas.

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Alpha Auto in Chico Launches Automotive Detailing Services

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