Alfonso del Cristo Hilsaca AGM Desarrollos Action During Covid, Note Worthy

Alfonso del Cristo Hilsaca AGM Desarrollos Action During Covid, Note Worthy

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Alfonso del Cristo Hilsaca Foundation Delivers Support

Effective charity logistics are the hallmark of Alfonso del Cristo Hilsaca and AGM Desarrollos Huellas de Piedra Foundation

HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS, USA, May 3, 2022 / — The Covid19 pandemic took a toll on the United States as it swept through the country. We remember the initial shock and the ensuing hardships that followed.

Colombia, South America, was also devastated by the pandemic. In the United States there were people lined up for groceries and other necessities that were proving difficult for some to acquire. Likewise, in Colombia, hardship fell upon the citizens.

The jurisdiction of El Carmen de Bolívar, Colombia, a community devastated by the pandemic, was in dire need of support. The peasant associations of the Alta Montaña, called for help.

Corporate action rose to the challenge in Colombia. Alfonso del Cristo Hilsaca AGM Desarrollos under their AGM Huellas de Piedra Foundation, met the challenge.

More than 3,200 families affected by the pandemic benefited from the delivery of 10 tons of yams in San Jacinto and San Juan Nepomuceno. AGM Huellas de Piedra Foundation stepped up, and with much more than a check.

The foundation is noted for it’s exceptional organization and effectiveness, as well as it’s generosity. Instead of a cash donation and press release, the AGM Huellas de Piedra Foundation searched for supplies, negotiated a strategic purchase, and organized the delivery of the foods needed to supply the nutritional needs of the community.

Over 60 tons of nutrient-rich, healthy, versatile, popular and sustainable food supplements were delivered to the families in need. The Colombian Navy provided support for the operation. Towns such as Soplaviento, San Estanislao de Kotska, San Juan Nepomuceno and Boliver, were recepients of the supply.

City officials praised the delivery and emphasized it’s positive impact. Juan Carlos Barreto, director of the Umata de San Juan released a public statement praising the donation, as did Alberto Royet, leader of Caracolí, village of El Carmen and others.

Alfonso Hilsaca Eljadue, AGM Desarrollos, spokesperson stated it was a pleasure to support their fellow citizens. The company is renown for it’s generosity and effectiveness in charity related causes.

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